Healing herbs

Healing herbs
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Woman Faces 93 Day Jail Sentence For Growing Veggies in Front Yard

from cherylkicksass: In case you haven't yet heard, the crime syndicate U.S. government, having recently admitted to arming Mexican drug gangs with 30,000 weapons, has stated growing a vegetable garden in one's yard a criminal act.

Now the City of Oak Park, Mich. is carrying through with its insidious plan to

put a woman in jail 93 days for growing in her front yard.

It can be presumed the primary intent of these outlandish laws is for the government to ultimately have full control of the U.S. food supply under bill HR 875. (See American Family Farms and Gardens: Outlawed by Obama's New Bill?)

Consequently, cities are enacting codes based on the Federal mandate barring people from growing food on their own property.

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