Healing herbs

Healing herbs
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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ancient Garlic Power

This recipe, written in ancient symbols was found in a Buddhist convent in the mountains of Tibet in 1972. It has been said that people who have tried it, have not been sick since and that it tastes bad, but not of garlic.


350 gram crushed garlic 

1/4 liter 60% spirit/liquor


Crush the garlic, blend it with the spirit/liquor and put it in an air tight jar. Put it in the fridge for ten days. After the ten days, filter it through a cloth. Then put it back in the fridge for another two days. Now it is ready for use. We are counting drops here, so you need to pour it into bottles you can fit droppers on. They need to be of glass, not plastic!


Always take the drops in a glass of water before the meal. Day one, 1 drop before breakfast, 2 before lunch and 3 before dinner. The rest of the days goes like this:

Day 2, 4 drops, 5 drops 6 drops. 
Day 3, 7 drops, 8 drops, 9 drops. 
Day 4, 10 drops, 11 drops, 12 drops 
Day 5, 13 drops, 14 drops, 15 drops 
Day 6, 16 drops, 17 drops, 18 drops 
Day 7, 12 drops, 11 drops, 10 drops 
Day 8, 9 drops, 8 drops, 7 drops 
Day 9, 6 drops, 5 drops, 4 drops,
Day 10, 3 drops, 2 drops, 1 drop 
Day 11 15 drops, 25 drops, 25 drops 

It is important to follow this exactly how it says. After day 11, take 25 drops before every meal until you have used it all.

The old scriptures says that this will: 

Clean out the organism of fat and calcification.
Better metabolism and make the veins more elastic.
It regulates the body weight. 
Varicose veins disappears. 
It cures inflammation in the throat and heart disease. 
Arthritis, eczema, sinusitis, high blood pressure, head aches, lung disease and bronchitis and pneumonia all disappears. 
It cures Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rheumatism. 
It cures gastritis, ulcers and hemorrhoids. 
It cures vision and hearing problems.
The whole organism renews itself.

It said not to repeat this cure until after 6 months!

I have not tried this recipe myself and can't make any claims of it's health benefits, as of yet, nor can i take responsibility for the choice some one else makes, but it sure sounds like a potent brew and i am most certainly curious to try it out.

Remember to use organic garlic!

I originally found this recipe here

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