Healing herbs

Healing herbs
Echinacea and Calendula

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Make Your Own Rose Water, Elixir of the Goddess

from organicauthority: Rose water is a deliciously fragrant and versatile botanical made from delicate and seductive rose petals.

Store bought rose waters can be overpriced, contain artificial fragrances and lack the freshness of a homemade batch.

Making homemade rose water is easy and fun. Add it to baked goods (try these rose water cupcakes), beverages, and pour it into baths.

Use it as a refreshing spritz—perfect to have with you on those warm summer days just ahead, or for those times when you just need to feel a little fresher.

And, it makes a most wonderful gift. When making anything with flowers that will go in or on your body, it's important to use petals that have not been exposed to toxic pesticides.

Commercial flowers are some of the most heavily sprayed crops, so it's best to stick with roses that you know have grown without the use of chemicals (like from your own yard).


  1. so how do you make rosewater?

  2. click on 'organicauthority' link and it will take you to the original article. thank you for visiting my food blog.