Healing herbs

Healing herbs
Echinacea and Calendula

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Blueberry Plants to Grow in Northern Gardens

from suite101: Northern gardeners can add blueberries to a sustainable kitchen garden by growing hardy plants. Homegrown blueberries provide fresh fruit despite blueberry virus news.

Blueberry plants are easy to grow even in northern climates by choosing hardy cultivar varieties. Despite the recent news of blueberry shock virus found in Michigan, growing blueberries in a kitchen garden is still an economical way to get fresh fruit into the diet.

Blueberry plants are native throughout North America, well known as a cash crop in the Pacific Northwest and Michigan but also grown everywhere in many backyard gardens. For northern gardeners choosing varieties that have been developed to withstand very cold winters and late springs is key to success.

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