Healing herbs

Healing herbs
Echinacea and Calendula

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Your Vegetable Garden In June

from gardenorganic: With half the country suffering from lack of rain, and the other half from too much (or so it seems when listening to the news) now is not the time to make a general comment on the state of the nation’s vegetable gardens in June! Just remember – if your first sowings and plantings have failed or are malingering there is still time to sow some more.

Things to do in the vegetable garden this month

Encourage runner beans to climb up their supports. They twist the other way from most other beans, climbing clockwise when viewed from above.

Hoe regularly to keep weeds under control. Keep the blade sharp and hoe when seedlings are small and in dry weather for best effect.

Brassicas crops such as cabbages, sprouts, calabrese etc are favourites with many pests, from aphids and whitefly to pigeons and rabbits. Check your plants and take appropriate measures if necessary.

Sow up spare ground with buckwheat, phacelia, mustard or fenugreek green manures. They’ll help to improve the ground, suppress weeds, make a good ground cover for beetles and other predators and, if you let them flower, buckwheat and phacelia are very attractive to bees – and people.

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