Healing herbs

Healing herbs
Echinacea and Calendula

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

EU preparing legislation which will make it illegal to grow crops not on a list of approved seeds

EU is preparing legislation that will make it illegal to grow crops that are not on a list of approved seeds? A list that currently 60% dominated by big corporations like Monsanto, AstraZenecar and others? The pros list are basically only hybrids - which means that you can not take next year's seed from his crop. 

Furthermore, it will not only be forbidden to sell other seeds than those already mentioned, but also to grow. "File sharing" in the area of seeds will become a criminal act. This means that people be even less able to influence what you eat, when you can not even decide what to grow. It also means that the varieties that are historically interesting will disappear, even varieties that can withstand our climate. This means that poor people who live off what they grow is referred to in the seedtrades discretion in terms of pricing, which can be costly where there are few players.

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